Blog list

Jacob Zuma: A president accountable to no one

The US government: torturers with impunity

Visiting Rhodes Memorial

Something fishy…

The unbeatable war on the Cape Flats

9/11: The day Islam became the scapegoat

Understanding Rohingya

Clinton booed at UWC

Give, but give not in the name of man

Staying safe in SA is pretty hard sometimes

Labia bans film screening due to pressure from Jewish clientele

A message to South African Muslims

Justice for Aafia

When will government start caring?

MJC/Orion: The shame and embarrassment

Reactions of an outraged Muslim community

When jealousy rears its ugly head

“…I didn’t lose my eye for nothing”

Hangberg finally finds peace

The black sheep of the media industry

Bhuiyan spreads forgiveness

A story of forgiveness

My thoughts on Mandela Day

Kathrada recalls Rivonia trial

Vote with your head, not your heart

Dear Tony Ehrenreich…

Drugs, prostitution and children

City commits to Hangberg

Pics from Libya by Shafiq Morton

Shafiq Morton reporting from Libya

Zim govt conning nationals

Farewell Johnny Issel

Jeans shopping: Woman’s biggest problem

Life as a Zimbabwean

‘1000 miles spiritually uplifting’

How the media deceives

The Blackberry dilemma


Cape cyclists reach Kenya

My 5 minute “gees”

Celebrity? What’s that?

Kids of today…

Cartoon of Israeli flotilla attack

Freedom will come Palestine

My response to religious depictions

Striving for knowledge

Terror attacks on World Cup very real

Eugene Terre’Blanche: Get over it already!

Can you imagine being blind?

Trouble with Dial-A-Ride

Cyclist take road to Makkah

Gift of the Givers sends scout to Haiti

Maynardville to come alive

Use water sparingly: MJC

Zapiro on President Jacob Zuma

Ever wonder why…?

Mugabe should ‘take a slow boat to China’

There is no link between Islam and terrorism

Something to brighten up your day

This Is It

Without Allah…

A Nigerian’s perspective on South Africa

My first facial

What I have gained during Ramadan

Golden Girl(?) Caster Semenya

There are now TWO white idiots

That White Guy

When I was a girl…

A pic?

My first blog entry


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