Hanover Park: A Gangster’s Paradise 3

Exclusive interview with the leader of the Americans. His name, of course, cannot be revealed. So we’ll call him “Gamat” for now. This is by far the best interview I have ever conducted. Gamat has been with the Americans for 25 years. He speaks about his reasons for becoming involved with the gang and what his duties are now as the leader. He also speaks about how his son ended up with the Mongrels.

Gamat is very well protected. Where he lives there are fellow armed Americans that live around him that would shoot if threatened. When I was parked outside his house, two of his bodyguards were outisde side-eyeing me. One had his hand inside his jacket (resting on his gun) just in case I was threat.

I wanted to interview the leader of the Mongrels, as well as Gamat’s son, but it was too dangerous. The leader of the Mongrels has since been killed by the Americans.

Best to listen to this with headphones.


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