When jealousy rears its ugly head

You’ve been acquainted with a group of people for a while and you were close to calling them your friends. You’ve shared many laughs together and maybe even shared a meal or two. As far as you’re concerned, all’s good in the ‘hood since you get along like wind to fire.

Then one day something pretty awesome happens to you and most who surround you are ecstatic for your achievements. The acquaintances initially express some form of happiness for your part but then – BAM! – out of the blue, they start ignoring you and avoiding you like you’ve just developed the Bubonic Plague. When you enter the silenced room you can smell the remnants of gossip in the air.

Now, you are aware that negative stories may just start spreading since your achievements were announced, so you make a concerted effort to remain humble about them.

The ugliness that is called “jealousy” starts tumbling out and you are falsely accused by that specific group of engaging in acts that they are actually guilty of but fail to acknowledge and accept. They gossip about you, have the most horrible and untrue things to say about you, accuse you of developing an ego when no one else seems to think so besides them, they make snide comments in your presence, they no longer greet you and the list continues. It is clear the notorious, green-eyed monstrosity of a devil has reared its ugly and filthy head, threatening to emerge full force from its dormant haven.

So what do you do? It’s a tricky and sticky situation. Do you leave them to taint your reputation or do you stand up for yourself, speak your mind and still have them attempt to cloud everyone else’s view of you? Either way, they screwed you over. Why? The answer is simple: Jealousy.

It’s okay for them to gossip about you and be rude to you (among other other things) but dare you say something about them or speak up against them. It’s okay for them to choose who they hang out with, but they want to dictate to you how poisonous your friendship is with another person when, in fact, there have only ever been pleasant times.

Despite their cruel and calculating natures, you don’t hold any personal grudges against them. Your only wish is for them to take stock of their own actions first before trying to bring you down, and for them to realise that, despite everything that has happened, you will continue to rise above them, succeed and soar to the greatest heights possible that they can only ever dream of.


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