Book review: The Unlikely Secret Agent

Author: Ronnie Kasrils

As the saying goes…. “It’s almost too good to be true”.

Kasrils takes the readers on a journey of some of his late wife’s struggles during Apartheid. It’s hard to believe that any human being had to endure what Eleanore did, as it nearly resembles a movie created and directed by an over-creative. But when you realise that these events actually unfolded, one can’t help but be overcome with anger. How can fellow human beings, fellow South Africans be treated in the inhumane ways that occurred during Apartheid and being robbed of your family?

Kasrils writes about how he met his wife, his involvement in the liberation movements and how Eleanor became involved alongside him. It’s almost like a fairy tale and makes one want to read until the very end to see if there is a happy ending.

I love the way the book is written, as it is simple and told like a story and not an academic history book. Highly recommended if you want a taste of Eleanor Kasril’s hardships during her fight for our freedom.


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