Jeans shopping: Woman’s biggest problem

Either my butt grew or they just don’t make jeans like they used to “back in the day”. I went to the mall to look for some new jeans. I choose to shop for clothes at the mall because I know at least one of those stores will have what my curvaceous being requires. But boy, oh, boy! What an adventure this was.

First stop was good ‘ol Mr Price, the only place where I can grab-and-go, however not this time. I had options at my disposal. Oh, how I love options! Blue or black. Skinny or bootleg. They were all low-rise, meaning that they sit just below the navel. I tried a combination of all of them.

I couldn’t get the darn bootleg past my thighs and I’ve come to the conclusion that is because the waist line of the low-rise is narrow to avoid the gaping space that usually reveals butt cleavage when wearing a high-rise (the more comfortable fit for those of us who don’t always like showing off our belly rings).

How anyone (even a skinny) can fit into a skinny is beyond me! I squeezed, or rather squashed, the bottom half of my body into that skinny. I was NOT going to walk away feeling like I needed to start eating healthy just because of a jeans named “skinny”.

I circled in front of the mirror in that tiny fitting room cubicle. And that’s just about all I could do with my life being squashed out of me: Circle.

Next stop: Edgars. Skinny, bootleg, wideleg, straight. Even more options! How delightful for ‘lil ‘ol indecisive me! Needless to say I had the same problems as experienced at Mr Price and another added problem was the extra long length. And the wide cut styles are just not my thang.

Jet was my last resort, a store I hate having to enter. With just one toe over the threshold you are whacked with an assortment of funny smells.

So straight to the jeans I went and I could choose from the following styles: Skinny, wide, flare, skinny flare, bootleg, straight and the list continues. And the only thing I wanted was something that won’t slip down every time I bend. So guess what I did? I just walked right out and ended my search because after three shops I was exhausted. BUT, the search continues…


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