Book review: Street Blues

Author: Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown is a lawyer and was a police reservist for a number of years in the Rondebosch area. This book is just a compilation of stories told through his eyes while on duty. Some are humorous, some gruesome and some scary. He describes everything in great detail and even goes as far as using analogies to get his point across, which at times become a bit annoying. There are so many scenarios he’s describing at once that it’s easy to lose track of what is actually being told.

On another note, this book makes it easy to understand the constant pressure that our police force is constantly under. Brown also describes how the police is forced to make critical decisions within a split second, and those decisions impact great on their lives and that of others. Therefore it’s important for them to have extremely good judgement of the situation they find themselves in and the people they have to deal with.

I like the swearing in the book. Makes the characters seem even more real.

Nevertheless, Street Blues is a simple and enjoyable read.


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