The Blackberry dilemma

To get a Blackberry or to not get a Blackberry. This is the dilemma I am faced with right now. And trust me, it’s a very serious one at that. I call it a dilemma because I know that once I own one, my life will end. Already I spend far too much time on social networking sites, the most obvious and popular ones being Facebook and Twitter. It’s gotten to the point where I log on several times a day just out of habit. The easy access to social networking sites, emails and Microsoft documents is what attract me to this amazing piece of technology.

Carrying the Blackberry in your jeans pockets is like carrying the entire world with you. And it really is the entire world. There are so many applications to choose from. Just whip out that cellphone and you can check tomorrow’s weather. Whip it out again and check out the latest news making headlines around the world. And whip it out yet again and again and again and you can even check your daily horoscope, look words up in a dictionary and you can even type up a Word document or two – finish your work at home or at a restaurant when you’re supposed to be having fun with your friends. You can even install the Qur’an application on your phone. That’s at least one good application to have though – having the Qur’an within your reach at all times.

Technology has taken over our lives so much that we don’t even realise how often we check our mail and our social netoworking accounts. And without really thinking about it, an advanced phone is very important for us to carry around all the time. It’s important to have Facebook, Gmail and Twitter nearby and easily accessible. So much so that it’s becoming a teeny bit scary. However, they are like windows to other people’s lives and windows to the world out there that’s out of our reach.

Judging by what I’ve said so far you can tell that I have an addictive personally. If you haven’t come to that conclusion on your own… well, now you know. I don’t think it’s wise for my addictive personality to own something like a Blackberry. Just think about it: Before I sleep at night the last thing I would do is check my mail. When I wake up the first thing I will do is check the world of Facebook and Twitter. Gosh, soon I will even by typing out my blog posts in the company of my friends when we’re supposed to be out and about having fun! If the Blackberry is my drug I will never have a sober moment in my life again. So to get a Blackberry? For my sanity and that of the people I love, rather not!

Pulling the plug on the BlackBerry could cost corporate America millions of dollars. The BlackBerry is more than e-mail but a handheld office, and if you shut down the BlackBerry, you shut off the data that powers American business ~ Al Smith


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