My 5 minute “gees”

While the world was gearing up for the World Cup, I just couldn’t feel the excitement. Fan parks were set up around Cape Town, fan walks were set up, a ferris wheel…. The City of Cape Town went out of its way to ensure that each and everyone had the World Cup spirit in them which became known as the “gees”. Everyone I spoke to that went to the city centre and that did the fan walk and that partied up a storm at the Grand Parade Fan Fest couldn’t stop raving about the “lekker vibe” in town.

Let me tell you my story….

I didn’t apply for any match tickets. I refused to support Fifa in any way. They come into our country and demand that everything be according to their standards and rules and regulations even though it may cripple our economy and land us in huge debt. Unlike the rest of the locals, I wasn’t interested in any of the festivities. I just couldn’t wait for it all to be over. I just wan’t feeling it.

Anyway, my parents decided to go to town for the day yesterday with some friends of theirs and their children. We had to park at Canal Walk mall and walk across a freeway to get to Century City station. So we got to the other side only to be met by a long snaking queue. Hundreds of people were before us in line to purchase train tickets to town. I was horrified! And that horror was met with vuvuzelas being blown directly in my ears. Imagine my irritation! Early on in the experience I was already fuming, hoping that the rest of the experience wouldn’t go too badly. So we stood in the queue and waited… and waited… and waited. Eventually to keep ourselves occupied some few hundred of us tried out the Mexican Wave. After a few failed attempts the initiators just gave up trying.

After two hours we finally crammed into a train. I was part of a coach of tightly – and I mean tightly – packed sardines! After arriving in town we walked from the station to the V&A Waterfront and back again which means we walked for more than a kilometer (and that excludes walking in the mall looking for place to eat, which we never found might I add). By this time I was hungry and my feet were sore. Or rather, my feet were throbbing and aching! After the V&A Waterfront we jumped back on a train and back to the station at Century City where we had to walk a little further to the car. And the walking didn’t end there! We were so hungry we looked for a place inside Canal Walk to eat and we had to sit in the horrendous food court. (Majority ruled and I was outvoted).

So did I get into the “gees” of the World Cup? Suu-uure!!! For all of five minutes! I couldn’t even sleep properly the night because my feet and legs were paining. Why would people put themselves through such excruciating pain just because society says it’s cool to do so. Yes, at least I experienced it. But was it worth the pain? I think not!


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