Celebrity? What’s that?

I don’t buy into the whole “celebrity” concept. Ok, of course Hollywood stars are celebrities – I’m not a complete denialist. I don’t think that a South African actor or musician can claim the title of “celebrity” and in my opinion neither can sportmen or sportswomen. So it irritates the pennies out of me that an English football fan that happened to find himself in the English World Cup soccer team’s changeroom at Green Point stadium was treated like a criminal.

Apparently he was looking for the toilet when a security worker directed him to the change room. When he saw David Beckham in front of him he took full advantage of the opportunity and told the English to pull up their socks and play proper football. Of course nobody believed his story and he was subsequently banned from attending any more matches. I think it’s unnecessary because he was directed there in the first place (if that’s true) and – for goodness sake!! – the English players are just people! They are not made of gold or any other natural resource that’s worth something. Perhaps on the soccer field they are worth something – but that just about where it ends.

Another version of the story is that a British journalist, Simon Wright paid Pavlos Joseph to gain access to the dressing room. His case will resume in court next Wednesday. In the meantime Joseph had to pay a R750 admission of guilt fine. Just another way of Fifa extorting money from the poor while they (Fifa) are rolling in it.

So…. if you had to find yourself in the changeroom of certain teams what would you do. This is what I would do:

England: I’d like to give the player that I find is the most revolting out of all soccer players ever to have walked the earth a brown paper bag to put over his head. He doesn’t exactly resemble eye candy. And his dirty on-field tactics just makes him even less appealing. And that is Wayne Rooney.

Portugal: I think I’d take Ronaldo’s hair gel away from him and watch him throw a tantrum about it. When I was in high school I went through the phase that every other girl goesthrough… “Ronaldo is so hot” “I’m only watching the game to see Ronaldo take off his shirt at the end” “His so cute – I’m going to marry him one day”. Yes, pretty much all girls go through that phase at some time or another. I find him to be one big baby! If his team loses, he bursts into tears like a baby throwing his toys out of the cot because he couldn’t get his way. He gets frustrated on the field and swears at his opponents. You can’t even touch him and he rolls over on the field in the middle of a game, hoping the other team would score a yellow card. My dad says he falls to the ground everytime because he has weak ankles – hee hee!! 😀

South Africa: I’ll give each and every player a bloody snotklap (ie: snotsmack for non-South African readers) to give them some vooma! But no matter how Bafana Bafana performs, I will still back my boys!

But alas, all the above teams are out of the World Cup. I can’t wait for this event to be over. South Africa spent way too much on the 2010 Fifa World Cup. It’s only here for a month and then what next? The poor remains poor.


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