Kids of today…

This blog entry is in relation to one of my first posts: When I was a girl…

Today once again it has struck me how quickly times have changed. My sister who is 13 years younger than me – yes only 13 years – has a completely different frame of mind compared to how I was when I was a decade old. And I know that it’t not just her, because kids tend to do what they see their friends are doing.

This was as me as a kid:

I never had a computer at my disposal. I had plenty of teddy bears, barbie dolls and other girlie toys such as sewing machines and porcelain tea sets. Up until I was about 13 I played housey-housey and teacher-teacher where I taught my imaginery class all sorts of things from mathematics to the anatomy of dolphins and reptiles. I had a Barbie and a Ken as well as a Pregnant Suzie and a bridal barbie doll. When I was bored I made clothes for them from scrap pieces of material.

When I was about six or seven my parents bought me a TV Game and it was the best thing in the world – I still think it’s better than PlayStation and Wii and all those weird and fancy games. There were such simple and entertaining games such as Circus Charlie, Pin Ball, Tetris, Mario Bros, Super Mario, Galaxy, Mappie etc etc etc… There were no violent games such as Vice City (?) where you can pick a gun and graphically blow someone’s head off and see the blood spewing out out like a water fountain. TV Game games had the potential to teach kids some logic.

At primary school we would play – religiously everyday – Hopscotch, Ingle-Angle and those hand clapping games.

So these were my toys and games and I was never bored. I was happy and entertained.

The “children of today” are way different. They know the ins and outs of the computer and the internet. They nag to go out because they are bored at home and they complain because they don’t have friends that come over. You don’t see a doll in sight! They know all that’s happening in the soapies. They have the latest and most expensive PlayStation and Wii games, and parents don’t find it problematic that they are exposed to violence in games (I find it a major issue but that’s a story for another day).

They don’t jump around in blocks (Hopscotch) because they are “too old” for that. It’s boring. What happened to pushing around dolls in prams and feeding your imaginary children? And what about those plastic makeup and doctor sets? Nooooo. Kids are not interested in such things anymore. They want to do everything they see on television and do what they see the adults around them do.

I do feel that it’s important for children to be up to date with the times and it’s good that they are able to operate the latest technology. But what happened to being just a kid? I think parents need to encourage their kids play with toys and ensure that their children stay children for as long as possible.


One Response to Kids of today…

  1. Muhsin says:

    Noticed the same thing with myself and Faatimah. She never has to leave the house to do research. I had to go to the library and pull volumes and volumes of different encyclopedias and books off the shelves, write the research paper by hand, then re-write it neatly. She’s only 9 years younger than me.

    And I remember that tv game very well lol :-P.

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