Terror attacks on World Cup very real

Recently there have been reports that al-Qaeda was planning to launch attacks on the Soccer World Cup. The match between the US and England was apparently being targeted. Knowing how strict the security is going to be I knew that the threats were either a hoax or an inside job. Every single person coming into the country during the World Cup will be thoroughly scrutinised, making it virtually impossible for an outsider to enter the country and launch attacks.

As we all know, when people hear “terror attacks” or “terrorists” they immediately think “Muslim” or “Islam”. And strangely enough, the more we thought it impossible to have terrorists from Algeria set off explosives in South Africa, the more the reports intensified.

Then one evening my brother mentioned something which immediately caught my attention.

He said that his friend, an English white teenager, was talking to another boy who was an afrikaner about the death of AWB leader, Eugene Terre’Blanche. The Afrikaner then told the English boy “you are going to see… we going to bomb all the black people at the stadiums”.

And that was a light bulb moment for me. My family thought I was crazy for thinking that the terror threats were real, but just that it was coming from a very unexpected source. Everyone wrongly assumed that it was coming from extremist groups in North Africa. Why are we always so quick to think of al-Qaeda the minute we hear media reports of terror attacks? Why is that groups such as al-Qaeda are always known as extremist groups? And why is it that Muslims are always thought of as “extremists”? We never consider any other group to be extreme, such as the AWB – Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging. And we’ve got to admit that the AWB is an extremist group filled with a bunch angry boere (Afrikaners).

The AWB consists of a bunch racist white rubbishes who bullied non-whites before and after Apartheid just because they felt like it. They killed them for no reason, they beat them up and abused them because they felt they could and the AWB uses the most foul language and name-calling for non-whites. (Racial tensions have increased tremendously in recent weeks in the wake of the death of right-wing leader, Eugene Terre’Blanche and ANC Youth League President Julius Malema’s racial comments.)

And if you think about it, it’s not that difficult for a local group to target black people at the stadiums during the World Cup. It’s easy to find a buddy within the Fifa system who can check which match will have the most black people. After all, to apply for match tickets you have to provide your identity number.

Lo and behold today the media reported that extremist Afrikaners were arrested for being in the possession of explosives and ammunition that was meant specifically for the World Cup.

Now just because the AWB doesn’t let off bombs on a daily basis, it doesn’t make them any less extreme than other so-called terror groups in other parts of the world. Their bullying tactics makes them just as bad. We need to open our eyes and our minds and see that certain acts of violence is not exclusive to certain groups only.


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