Eugene Terre’Blanche: Get over it already!

So Eugene Terre’Blanche has been murdered. And in the most brutal way possible – beaten and hacked to death.

The story goes that Terre’Blanche, leader of the very racist Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (African Resistance Movement), refused to pay two of his workers and they then attacked him which subsequently led to his death. He was a well-known racist who fought for the preservation of Apartheid and tried to jeopardise the first democratic elections in 1994 by running a bombing campaign. Twenty-one people were killed and hundreds injured at the time. He has a history of harrassing black people living near his Venterdorp farm just because of the colour of their skin. He was even jailed for one of the attacks but was released after three years.

Terre’Blanche’s brother, Andries, said the following: “We are not racists, we just believe in purity of race.”

What nice way of saying just how racist you really are. I believe this to mean that white blood is purer and more superior than any other. And inter-racial relationships or children of mixed races is forbidden and will be looked upon with disgust.


It seems the AWB and it’s supporters will not accept the “new” South Africa and that the country is now being run by black people. Their flag has three horizontal stripes: Orange on top, white in the middle and blue at the bottom. In the centre there are three smaller flags. The British flag represents the former British colonies of Cape of Good Hope and Natal. The other two flags are of the former Afrikaner republics of Boer which is the Orange Free State and the Tranvaal.

Even on the the AWB’s website the current South African flag is nowhere to be seen. Instead the Orange Free State and Transvaal flags are there – a clear indication that they have not and will not accept the democratic South Africa. They believe the only way forward in this country is through race segregation and Apartheid policies.


I was horrified to discover a fan page for Terre’Blanche on Facebook. The hatred the Afrikaners feel towards black people is scary. They were referring to black people as baboons, kaffers, niggers, apes etc. And unfortunately, majority of the “fans” are still young. We all know that the first white people were the colonisers which led to slavery and Apartheid. Millions of white people have since been born here. But if they feel this extreme hatred towards non-whites then they should leave the country and “go back to where they came from”. How, then, can they have any right to insult people because they are not white? How can they have the right to call for the return of white rule? They are not even originally from Africa and they are not proud to be South African! And I am not talking about white people in general – just the racist ones who complain about how bad the country and the black people are. If you feel so strongly then either commit suicide or leave or just shut up!

It is because of people like these extremist whites that there are so many racial issues in the country today. It’s because of them that slavery and Apartheid and racial segregation ever existed. They are the cause for so many non-whites living in poverty today.

Why did Julius Malema start singing “Kill the Boer”? Because of colonisation and Apartheid! That is the cause of most of South Africa’s current problems and the cause of non-whites living in poverty.

Now the whites are going crazy, saying that too many of their farmers are getting killed. Most times they are getting killed because they ill-treat their labourers. It’s not even really their farms to begin with! The land was stolen from the indigenous people. Now they want to complain their farmers are being murdered on “their” land.

“Kill the Boer”

Malema’s “struggle” song may have or may not have contributed to Terreblanche’s murder. Honestly, I just think the timing of the song and the timing of Terre’Blanche’s death is co-incidence.

So tell me… why is everyone so horrified at the way he died?? He was bound to die in a brutal way and at the hands of the people he hated most – black people. They could have just shot him in the head. But no, they made him suffer the way he made so many others suffer. How else is a man like him supposed to die? Peacefully? …yeah right! You die they way you live. You live by the sword, you die by the sword….


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