Book Review: Beauty’s Gift

Author: Sindiwe Magona

Beauty, Edith, Cordelia, Doris and Amanda call themselves the Five Firm Friends – FFF. They are intelligent women who once lived in the impoverished township of Gugulethu, but are now “upper-middle class”.

Beauty becomes very ill and dies of Aids. But she leaves her friends a beautiful gift – life. She didn’t want their husbands to kill them the way hers killed her.

The four remaining FFF are determined to make Beauty’s wish come true. So they set about trying to change the mindsets of black men – their partners and people in the township – as sleeping with multiple partners, whether the men are married or not, is known to be part of the “black culture”. Or at least that is how black men view it to be – culture. But the four women are in for a big shock. Little do they know that their very own partners are keeping secrets from them. And after discovering them, the women try to deal with their situations in the best ways possible. There are happy endings and also unexpected and not-so-happy endings for each of the women.

I highly recommend this book. Magona educates her readers and reveals how black men think their culture is supposed to be when in fact it is not so. She’s telling black women to stand up for themselves and fight for their lives and that they shouldn’t let their husbands/boyfriends treat them the way Beauty’s husband treated her. Magona’s passion about HIV/Aids and education is evident in this wonderfully written book.


One Response to Book Review: Beauty’s Gift

  1. Msibi Mbongeni Mandlenkosi says:

    This book is very good for us youth and middle aged group infact is good for everyone because it teaches us more about the virus that is fast taking our beloved ones and it changes our(guys and man) mindset about multiple partners beauty’s gift is a book I recommend for anyone who needs to live a good life nice book.

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