There’s no link between Islam and terrorism

There is one thing in life that pees me off way more than what children throwing tantrums in shopping malls does. And that is when people associate Islam with terrorism.

Two Thursdays ago on 6 November United States army Major Nidal Malik Hasan shot dead 12 people at the Texas military base. Since 911, whenever a Muslim commits a crime it becomes an act of terror. Because Hasan was a devout Muslim and made his salaah (prayers) regularly he is being looked at as an “extremist” and “terrorist”. Officials are even investigating a Mosque that he attended.

Why is that whenever it is a Muslim European or especially an American commits a crime the media feels the need to mention that the suspect is “of Arab decent” or “a devout Muslim” or “raised with strong Islamic beliefs”? Their criminal acts does not have anything to do with their faith. But the instant the media makes reference to Islam or being Muslim the situation automatically becomes one of religion and terrorism in the same breath. Look at the introduction of this story about Hasan. Was it really necessary to mention that he is an “American Muslim of Palestinian origin”. If a non-Muslim commits criminal acts they wouldn’t even consider their religious background. Terrorism will never be considered. Just because they are not Muslim. Here is an article making the whole situation about Islam.

Sky News got straight to the point called Hasan a  “Palestinian terrorist”. I can’t believe how far news agencies will go to for sensationalist crap. And it is disgusting to see how many people believe it.

Does anyone remember Timothy McVeigh? The guy responsible for the Oklahoma bombing. Would you not call that an act of terrorism? But nobody ever mentioned his ethinicity or religous background. It was kind of “okay” for him to do what he did because he was not Muslim. Therefore what he did was never as big a thing as when a Muslim person was involved.

After 911 and George Bush’s ignorance and paranoia, a fear of Islam and Muslims started increasing. It really is sad to see how ignorant people are and how easily they can be indoctrinated with lies by their media. Whenever an American Muslim commits a crime the media uses the situation to promote propaganda. I suppose it’s what sells these days too.

When people start realising that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism? I just hope and pray that peoples’ eyes will start opening up and they will realise what is the truth and what is just propaganda.


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