This Is It

I was never a Michael Jackson fan. As a child I got to know him as “the guy who wanted to be white”. I am also, by nature, not a very musical person. I would never go crazy over a particular singer and buy all their CDs.

After the release of This Is It MJ fans were raving about the movie, calling it “spectacular” and “incredible”. This really piqued my curiosity. So I booked tickets for a Wednesday evening and went to watch it. But throughout that day I kept thinking… This better be worth it because I will be sacrificing my sleep. BTW, I am big on my sleep.

So I watched. And damn, was I blown away! As someone who was never a MJ fan I was amazed at what I was seeing. It wasn’t a boring doccie on the dude’s life. Watching that movie was like watching the concert that would have been – and that is what I enjoyed most. From the very minute the movie started and seeing him and his dancers practicing I myself wanted to start grooving in my seat.

After seeing the movie I realised that MJ really was a musical legend. In fact, he was a genius! Everything about him was original. From his dance moves to his costumes to his lyrics. Hell, do you know anyone else who went from black as night to white as snow?! He really cared about his fans. He didn’t do what the director or manager wanted him to do. He performed how he wanted to and in a way he thought would be best for his fans. And for the first time I really listened to the lyrics of his songs. He wrote/sang about people, about life; things he cared about and what was dear to him.

One thing for sure… all those who booked tickets for the series of concerts in London would have gotten their money’s worth.

Now, although I am still not a heavy Michael Jackson or music fan, I appreciate his music and his originality. Just a pity I didn’t feel this way while he was alive.

MJ, you truly are a legend!



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