A Nigerian’s perspective on South Africa

Below is a letter submitted to a Nigerian newspaper called ThisDay. Initially I laughed, thinking this guy is crazy. He clearly is living in a closed box. But what do you think? Does he have a point? Does South Africa owe her “greatness” to Apartheid?

My Revealing South African Experience

On Thursday night of October 1st 2009, the national Chairman of our great Party Chief Bisi Akande, the Lagos State Chairman of the Party in Lagos Chief Dele Ajomale, his wife, the representative of the Governor and my humble self left for South Africa to inaugurate the chapter of our Party. Business finished on Saturday 2 and 3 of October 2009 in both Pretoria and Johannesburg, we had Sunday October 4 to look around. It was my first visit to South Africa and what I saw stunned me into disbelief.

Am I in Africa or Europe? Am I in America? Is this another Singapore? Could this be true? Where was Nigeria when South Africa was putting all these structures in place? If the white man did all these in South Africa why were the Nelson Mandelas of this world complaining? If South Africans got their independence on a platter of gold the way Nigeria got hers in 1960, would there have been all these structures I am seeing here today? Impossible! Impossible!! Impossible!!! From what I saw on ground in South Africa, it looks as if all the companies and industries all over the world are physically present there. Ah! Nigeria has been left behind. South Africa is the potential and undisputable leader in Africa. Thanks to white South Africans.

I came to the unhappy conclusion that the mosquitoes that drove the whites away from Nigeria in 1960 did a colossal and unmitigated damage to Nigerians. I again asked myself these questions: How many black Africans did the whites kill before surrendering power to them few years back? How many Nigerians have been killed by Nigerian leaders since they took over power from the whites in 1960? Let us compare the figures. I am sure the supreme prize South Africans paid to have the South Africa I see today will be so infinitesimal compared with what our leaders have killed to remain in power in Nigeria I see today.

What I am saying if that is God had allowed the whites to tarry for at least 30 years more in Nigeria, we would have been better for it. Mandela survived 27 years in prison because the whiteman was a better person. He could not have survived ten years in prision in Nigeria.

My conclusion after seeing what I saw in South Africa is that the whites left Nigeria in a hurry, and that is why we are suffering today. Had the whites tarried in Nigeria, Nigeria would have been like South Africa today. I want the whites back in Nigeria!

Joe Igbokwe,
Lagos (20/10/09)

(Click here for the original article)


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