My first facial

A couple of days ago I went for a low laser cleansing facial. My first facial ever. I’m not really the facial type but for my birthday Dischem emailed me a voucher to have one done.

So, being the procrastinator that I am, I went for this on the expiry date. I did not enjoy this facial one bit. From the minute I stepped into the “salon” or whatever you want to call that cramped little room, I didn’t feel comfortable. I had to lie on a bed. And the first thing I thought was…. how clean is that bed and how many peoples’ head were on that pillow. The lady, whose face was plastered in makeup, threw a blanket over me. And again a thought popped into my mind…. how many people were laying underneath this blanket and is it even clean?? She put this net thing (something similar to what the people working in the bakery section of supermarkets have on their heads) on my hair. And by now I am sure you can guess what went through my mind… is this thing clean or did the people before me have lice??

The entire time there was a gadget on a stand almost like a little hairdryer blowing hot air in my face. I could hardly breathe! And when this woman got down to business it felt like she was just messing in my face. She used a sponge (from what I could feel) to remove the soap from my face. And I thought to myself… is that a new sponge she’s using? How many people did she use that on before me?

I felt frustrated lying there for 30 minutes with my eyes closed! I didn’t know what was going on around me and I couldn’t see what she was using or doing. And when she was done my face felt so sticky! Not a nice feeling!

Nevertheless, when I got I home showered… and washed my face.

It just makes one wonder how clean equipment and materials are that are used on us at hairdressers, beauty parlours and even the doctor’s rooms! Well, there’s some food for thought. Or maybe I’m just a difficult person…?

I don’t think I will be going for a facial again any time soon!


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