There are now TWO white idiots

Hayibo is a satirical website. I just love all the laughs I get out of reading their articles about the latest issues in the news. You have to be completely brain-dead not to realise that what appears on their site is just for entertainment and to poke a bit of fun at politicians. At least we get a lighter side to the serious issue.

Read this article on Brandon Huntley. Remember That White Guy? And then take a look at this YouTube video about a white South African guy having a very, erm, intellectual debate about this whole Huntley situation. If you have the time, please look at it. And you will realise that SA now has at least TWO white retards. I know my name-calling might seem a bit harsh. It’s not something I usually do. But really, if you have a look at those two links you will agree with me!

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